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Monday, February 8, 2010


Here is a mock up of a side scrolling video game showcasing my ability as an artist, animator and creative conceptualist. The idea behind these short video clips is to give an idea of the cycles that would make-up this game.



These are two ideas I had for power-ups found though out a level, one being a floating tank of jet fuel and the other a floating rock of plutonium. First is the tank of jet fuel, this when found would give the character increased speed and fire-power for a short duration.

Second is the plutonium that also when found would increase speed and fire power but for a much longer duration.

Rocket Flight


Here we see Space-Dog (main character) demonstrating the differences between the two power-ups. In this first example is Space-Dog using his rocket pack fueled with the jet fuel power-up.

Here is Space-Dog powered by plutonium which results in a much larger burst of flame as he soars through space.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rocket Jumps

Rocket Jumps

Rocket jumps are another example of the varying effects that jet fuel and plutonium play in Space-Dog's ability to perform boost jumps. These jumps allow him to reach areas of an level that he otherwise could not achieve. First is a boost jump power by jet fuel.

Here, as you probably already surmised is the effects of the plutonium. Notice the increased height of his boost jump.



Lasers are the last examples that I have included affected by the power-ups. This first laser blast is the norm, and however affective at disposing the enemy this is by no means the end all to a space fire fight.

Power by jet fuel or plutonium the laser is a far more formidable weapon. The only difference being in the duration of the ability to perform these destructive attacks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Lunar Level

Level 3

Here is Space-Dog at home in the empty void of space on a cold and unjust planet looking for alien life to blast into oblivion.

The Lab

Level 2

Like James Bond, Space-Dog works closely with weapon and space engineers. Here is Space-Dog in his civilian attire trying out the newest in space-age technology.